TMD and Headaches

Many people suffer from headaches, jaw pain, and sensitive teeth, which in a lot of cases is caused by night time grinding or clenching. During sleep people will clench their teeth much more forcefully than they would ever want to when awake. The muscles in the head and jaw become over worked and they start to develop soreness, this soreness is what causes headaches, most of the times these headaches occur on the side of the head near the temple. One of the largest jaw muscles is in that area, the Temporalis, the other large jaw muscle, the Masseter, is located on the side of the jaw. These two muscles are the ones that bulge when the jaw is clenched. Other jaw muscles become involved and can mimic sinus pressure and pain. The teeth will become painful to chewing and temperature from being clenched so much and so forcefully. Night time clenching can also cause people to not sleep well and they wake up tired and with a headache. Dr Funk uses a night time appliance called an “NTI” which is a small appliance that fits over the front teeth only and absolutely stops clenching and grinding enabling the muscles to rest at night and eliminate headaches, jaw pain, and help improve one’s quality of life. You are not supposed to suffer from headaches in the morning, your jaws should not be tired, you should not always be dealing with the pain and distraction that headaches cause. Dr Funk has many satisfied patients whose quality of life has been changed by using the NTI on a nightly basis.

What can Dr. Funk do for me?

Checking out Dr. Funk's website is only the first step in deciding if he is the right dental professional to help you and your family. But it is an important step. This page summarizes the many different dental procedures that can be performed in the comfort of the local office. We have tried to make this section as informative as possible, but nothing with replace the personal consultation you will get when you reach out to our helpful office staff!

Dentist in Royersford

Dr. Robert J. Funk, DDS is located in downtown Royersford and is best dentist in Royersford for all your dental needs. Royersford has it's own exit right off of 422 and from there you are only 2 minutes away! We all know there are a lot of dentists between your home and our Royersford location, but none that will provide you with the confidence and satisfaction that you will experience here!

Dental Procedures


Dr. Funk has been doing orthodontics for 15 years and has invested hundreds of hours of continuing education to stay current on the topic.  >> Read More


We strive to make dentures that look and feel natural. It is important that they do not move when speaking or eating and most importantly that they are comfortable and pain free. >> Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry

One tooth or an entire smile. We can give you the look that you always wanted; a smile that looks great and completely natural. A complete makeover and often in one visit! >> Read More

Tooth Whitening

Whiter teeth and smile in two weeks. Minimal mess and minimal chair time at the dental office. If you are ready to commit to a half hour a day you can have the white smile that you deserve!  >> Read More

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Esthetic makeover for one arch, both arches, we can improve your bite, the shape and color of your teeth. High quality temporaries make it possible to immediately see amazing results.  >> Read More

Composite Fillings

"Tooth colored" fillings are now replacing amalgams; these fillings are actually bonded to the teeth creating a stronger restorations with no metal or mercury.  >> Read More

Root Canals

Endodontic procedures are done quickly and painlessly. The days of long painful visits in the dentist chair are no more!  >> Read More


Crowning a tooth makes it stronger and often times much better looking. With CEREC technology many crowns can be done in two hours or less.  >> Read More

Implant Restoration

We work closely with area oral surgeons and periodontist to ensure ideal placement of implants. Once an implant is placed, we can restore it with crowns, over dentures or bridges.  >> Read More

TMD and Headaches

Many advances have been made in the past 10 years to diagnose and treat TMD & headaches. Dr. Funk has been mentored by the leading experts in the field and is ready to help you.  >> Read More

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Recently the American Association of Sleep Medicine has recognized dental appliances as a reasonable alternative to the CPAP in cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea.  >> Read More