Taking Your Child To The dentist

When Is The Best Time To Take My Child To The Dentist?

When Is The Best Time To Take My Child To The Dentist?

By the time a child is two years old they have all of their baby teeth, this is a good time to start introducing your child to the dentist. Depending on your child’s mood and disposition the first visit can consist of a full exam, cleaning, but at our office we find that it is best not to have any expectations and we try to just let the child have a positive experience. Sitting in the chair, counting teeth, introducing all the contraptions like Mr. Thirsty and friends. balloons and prizes at the end. The goal is to have fun and even a few moments of looking in the mouth can let us see if there is any type of decay or other problems.

Children that won’t sit still or open their mouth are not a problem as we are more focused in getting them used to the dentist then trying to perform dentistry. We often let the children sit in the room and watch their parent get a tooth cleaning and afterwards they can join the parent in the chair if they want. Sometimes the child refuses and that is ok, we still give a balloon and a prize and wait for six months and try again. Gaining a child’s trust is not a thing that can be rushed and by being careful, kind, and patient early on a whole lifetime of anxiety and fear can be avoided.

If a child has obvious decay and infection and is not able to sit still or is a behavior problem then we would refer the child to a pediatric dentist who can sedate the child and perform needed work. Even with that there will be patience and kindness so the child has a positive experience.

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